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You Are VR Sex Masseur Sex Story

I watched some really amazing VR sex videos, however, I could not feel as good as I usually did while masturbating to them because my body is just stressed out because of all the work I have been doing lately. That is when I decided to take a nice relaxing massage. My masseur was a really cute guy, and if I was not in the mood, I would have immediately seduced him as I got into the same room with him.

I took all of my clothes off and I laid down on the massage table. It did not take long for him to make me feel sensational by using his hands only, without the help of oils or anything. When it was the time to rub the oil into my skin, I was already in the mood for some hot slamming, and so I decided to have some fun with him.

By taking the oil and pouring it over my tits, I also took his hand and I started rubbing my nipples with it as I looked him in the eyes. He tried to be professional, but then I took his hand and I slid it down to my nicely shaved pussy. At that point, I could easily tell that he developed a giant boner, and it was my sign to fuck him. Since the VR porn I was masturbating earlier didn’t get to me due to the stress, his big pulsating shaft will surely do the trick.

The moment I took out his cock, I was very surprised by its size, it was bigger than the ones I was used to. As I began to suck him off, he used his fingers to make me even hornier by rubbing my wet pussy. I continued stroking him off while licking his donger until his cock was nice and wet from my spit. When it got to that point, I got up and sat towards him, implying that he can fuck me however he wants. He then lifted my legs with his arms and started thrusting his bulging cock deep inside my love tunnel. He continued to pound me all the way until he ran out of stamina, and once he did, I decided to keep the party going by telling him to lay down on the carpet where I could suck on his cock a little bit more.

Once I sucked off my pussy juices of off his donger, I decided to ride him in the cowgirl position. While riding him, his cock went even deeper than before and it felt absolutely incredible. Because the experience felt amazing for both of us, he was about to cum sooner than I expected. I got down on my knees one more time and I started to stroke him off until he delivered a nice hot load that I could lick off and swallow it. In the end, this little adventure was a lot better than being alone and masturbating to VR sex videos while not being in the mood for it.