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Ever since my boyfriend bought his new VR headset, I have seen him watching VR porn almost every day. We still had sex every now and then, but sometimes he just “wasn’t” in the mood, and instead, he went to watch VR sex videos on the internet. One day, I decided to teach him a lesson how the reality is much better than the VR world, however, while doing so I thought to myself that I will not actually provide him with any pleasure because, like that, I will make him beg for more once I am done teasing him.

Since this was sort of a special occasion, I decided to put on my best lingerie. I picked the dark blue lingerie, and even if the bra was not anything special, the panties were absolutely perfect for my figure as they exposed my juicy ass in the best light possible. After I put on this lingerie, I went to the living room where my boyfriend was just relaxing. As soon as he saw me in this lingerie, I could tell that he is quite interested, however, little did he know that all he is going to get from me is a hot session of teasing because I was teaching him a lesson due to his VR porn addiction. I showed off my body for a minute or two, and since he kept looking, I decided to continue with my teasing strategy. I took off my bra, and I showed him my small tits that he really likes to suck on. Instead of stripping even further, I decided to keep the attention on my tits as I fondled them nicely. From time to time, I put the finger into my mouth, and I sucked on it nicely so it gets completely wet. After that, I rubbed my small tits with that finger, making myself very horny. Once my horniness level increased, I decided to continue with the stripping, and as I turned my back towards him, I bent over, and I slowly slid down my panties. After taking them off, I decided to play around with them for a while by putting them into my mouth and running them through my teeth. Now that I was completely naked, it was time to do the final part of my plan. I positioned myself into a position where I could spread my legs nicely while facing my pussy directly at him, and while doing so, I started to masturbate. Since I was quite horny, my fingers could easily slide inside of my wet love tunnel, and as I penetrated myself at high speed, I moaned loudly. Eventually, I got so horny from the masturbating, that I decided to loosen up on the lesson I was giving him, so I got closer to him so he can take part of the action as well. However, instead of letting fuck me with his erect pecker, I allowed him only to drill my wet snatch with his fingers.