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VR Lesbian Teens Sex Story

As I was doing a shift in the VR gear store, I suddenly heard a familiar voice searching for some VR porn. When I went to check who it was, it turned out that it was my best friend that I did not see ever since I moved to a different town.

It turned out that she also moved into the city so she can attend college. Because we didn’t see each other for so long, I invited her over to my house. Luckily, I have just recently purchased some wine so we had something to drink while we were talking about the good old times.

At one point, my friend noticed that I got a prototype of a new VR camera, so she asked me if we can have a little bit of fun with it. As I turned it on, I left my wine glass to the side and took a pillow that was on the bad so I can start a pillow fight with her.

Once I hit her a couple of times, she finally managed to leave her glass as well, and at that point, she took the other pillow and started to hit me back. Then, she asked me to bend over so he can hit my bum with the pillow for the camera, and after she did, I asked her to do the same thing.

This pillow fight actually got both of us quite horny, so we decided to make a quick VR sex video together. I was the first one who was willing to expose myself for the camera by stripping off my top and revealing my big natural tits.

When they got out in the open, my best friend took off her shirt, and as she revealed her small tits, we began to make out while she was playing around with my big tatas. After a little while, she told me to bend over in front of the camera, and I did exactly like she asked me to.

Then, she grabbed my ass and stripped down my bottom parts, revealing my nice pink pussy to the camera by stretching it with her hands. As she began to finger me, I have gotten even hornier, so I decided to lay down and spread my legs so she can do her thing. My best friend pleasured me with some amazing fingering and oral skills, however, since I wanted more, I told her to use a sex toy I had nearby.

Once she began to penetrate my pussy with the toy, it didn’t take too long for me to cum. As soon as I had my orgasm, I didn’t want to keep my best friend unsatisfied, so I told her to do the same things I did, however, instead of starting her off with some fingering and oral, I immediately began to penetrate her with the toy. It only took her a couple of minutes to have a sensational orgasm, once she came all over the toy, we licked it off together as the grand finale.