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After working hard, I finally managed to get a spot in one of the most acknowledged universities. Upon finishing the enrollment process, I got a key to one of the dorm rooms. When I got to open the door while rolling all of my stuff in a bag, the door seemed to be already open. Inside of my room was my future roommate Lucy Li, a sensational busty babe who has a great body. It was quite exciting to share a room with such a beauty.

As the time passed by, we got to known each other a lot better, and we became quite good friends. One day, when we were both in the dorm room, Lucy decided to get a bit naughty, so she started to caress my thighs while I was sitting on the couch. She then told me that she has some sexual feelings for me, and as I was stunned in surprise, she sat down next to me and then she put her hand under my skirt.

I could feel her massaging my pussy under the skirt, and she did it so well that I did not mind this type of a surprise at all. After teasing me with a little bit of fingering, Lucy began to tease me with her incredible body as she started to unbutton her shirt. Once she removed her green shirt, I got a great look at her cleavage which was held by a sexy black bra.

Lucy teased me by shaking her big tits right in front of my face, and later on she brought them out of her bra completely. She massaged her big natural titties right in front of my face a little bit more before she stripped off my skirt. As my skirt got pulled off, Lucy got down on her knees and she started to massage my clit with her fingers. As my cunt got wetter, she started to plunge two of her fingers inside of my slit. After she was done pleasuring my pussy for the time, she took off her panties as well, and she put her ass very close to my face. I decided to return the favor by fingering her for a little bit as well, and once she was satisfied, she went back to provide me some more pleasure.

However, this time, instead of using her fingers, Lucy started to use her Hitachi sex toy. The vibrations from the toy felt absolutely incredible as she was using it on my wet clit. Lucy also increased the amount of pleasure by additionally massaging my pussy with her pussy while doing work with the Hitachi.

Once she was done with the Hitachi, I thought that she was done pleasuring me, but then she pulled out a big black sex toy. Lucy plunged the sex toy deep inside of my pussy, and the way she penetrated me with it felt a lot better than a real cock. While she was pounding my snatch with the sex toy, I had the best orgasm ever.