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I continued playing with my pussy while watching my favorite porn, but then I noticed someone behind the curtains in my closet. When I moved the curtains, I saw a guy with a rock solid boner, wearing only a black shirt while he was recording me with his VR camera. Even if I was spooked by him, I knew he could help me relax, so I told him “Sit there and watch me you pervert”. Then teased him by talking dirty to him as I was showing him my  big delicious ass and my wet pussy. I told him that he can spank my ass, and he did so without any hesitation. Seeing that we were both horny, I let him take off my panties, telling him “I want you to feel my tight little pussy” before he started fingering me.

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After I spit on him a couple of times, I immediately got it completely down my throat, and I could see he was enjoying it as much as I have. Once I was done sucking, I gave him something he definitely didn’t expect while he was recording me for his VR sex video, and that is letting him plow me hard in the doggy style position. Since I am an Asian schoolgirl, my pussy was not prepared for his big cock. As it got deep inside of me, it made me moan out loud because it felt a lot better than my little sex toy I was used to. Later on, I wanted to feel him in some other positions, so I turned around and let him penetrate me in missionary while my legs were nicely spread. When he was fucking me in missionary, I do not know what came over me, but I really wanted him to cum inside my mouth. I decided to get on my knees and let him jack off his cock until he filled my mouth with his juices. Since his juices were really tasty, I swallowed it all.