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Virtual Reality Sex with August Ames Sex Story

One night, I felt really lonely, and I decided to go to a bar, hoping that I will find some company. I decided to put on my favorite red dress with some high heels, and this combination revealed my body absolutely perfectly. Instead of going to a random bar, I decided to go to my favorite place, and since I have a VIP pass, I was allowed to go to a private section of the bar. When I walked into the VIP section, I saw a young handsome gentleman sitting at the bar, and I decided to sit next to him.

After taking my seat, even if I drank a little bit before I left the house, I decided to order a drink since it would not be polite if I didn’t do so. While I was enjoying my drink, I could see that the guy next to me was looking at me with eyes that hungered for my luscious body.

Since I noticed that he is also undressing me with his eyes, I thought that he would really enjoy if I would actually do it for him, and at that point, I stripped down my red dress and revealed my black lingerie. While I was doing this, I could see that he could not believe what was happening, and this only made me go further.

I took off my black bra and showed him my big tits. Then I began to massage and squeeze them with my hands while getting closer and closer to him. Massaging my own tits made me quite horny, and since I was already half naked in the public bar, I decided to go all the way and show him everything that I have. As I leaned to the back, I put one of my legs on the bar counter and I began to rub my pussy. Since I was already quite excited from playing with my big tits, my pussy was quite wet.

The guy sitting next to me kept staring, and at one point I asked him to pull me closer towards him if he wishes to have a better view. Of course, he didn’t hesitate at all, and he pulled me a closer towards him. Massaging my pussy was very nice, but even if I made myself have a swift orgasm, I needed something more to satisfy my sexual desires.

That is when I got down on my knees so I can unzip his pants and take out his cock. As I took out his shaft, he was completely erect and ready for a nice round of sucking. I was giving him a blowjob for a couple of minutes, and since my big tits were already out in the open, I decided to stroke him off with them as well. It didn’t take too long for him to get to the cumming point, and as he was about to cum, I made sure to catch every single drop of his semen with my mouth.