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Virtual devices for your naughty fantasies

The age of VR is here, and of course the deeper we go into it, the more virtual reality devices are going to be manufactured so we can enjoy all sorts of VR entertainment. Whether you are into video games, porn, movies, you surely want to get your hands on a pair of one of the devices that will let you submerge deep into your fantasy world. This time, we are going to cover some of the most popular devices on the market that you can find online or maybe even in some of your local stores.

Certainly one of the first and one of the best virtual reality devices is the Oculus Rift, and you will be able to experience all of your virtual reality porn videos in the best ways possible with this bad boy. However, if you are planning to buy this device, he might damage your valet a bit as the price varies around $700 which is pricey for the most of us, but it is definitely worth it if you are looking to enjoy all of those nice naked babes in front of you in perfect full HD resolution which Oculus Rift offers. It also involves full motion, and of course, you have options for some extra controls in case you want to have a nice zoom onto the pair of tits you are looking at or maybe something else.

All of you Playstation 4 owners out there, you are probably enjoying the best virtual reality sex videos with your own pair of Sony Playstation VR which is made specifically for the PS4 console. This device is absolutely fantastic because the PS4 platform not only offers the access to hundreds of incredible VR sex videos, but you will also be the fist one who will be able to experience all of the amazing sex games that are released in the VR community as most of them are optimising them for consoles as well. This handy-dandy device will only cost you $400 which is much more approachable compared to the previously mentioned Oculus Rift, but it may still be a lot for some, and that is why we have yet another item that will certainly please everyone.

The last device we are going to talk about when it comes to experiencing sweet VR porn or VR sex games,¬†are actually two cheap devices. One of them is Samsung Gear VR and the other one is Google Daydream View. Now, the first thing that’s worst mentioning is that these are definitely the budget choices as they come at very low prices, as the Google one costs $50 and the Samsung one costs $85. This by no means that they are bad devices, but they are only compatible with your phone, and they will support pretty much anything as long as your phone can. You can still enjoy your favorite VR sex videos, however, we are not so sure if you can somehow manage to play your favorite VR sex games with these two devices.