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The amazing world of virtual reality sex games

Even if VR sex videos allow us to experience a more personal relationship with the pornstars that star in our favorite sex videos, there is another way to take the experience to another level by being able to completely gain control of a virtual reality session, with sex games. Some people might not really call these “games” as there is little to do in them when it comes to strategy or tactics, however since you can still somehow interact with the environment you are seeing, they still get the privilege to be called games by a lot of people. There are already a lot of amazing VR sex games out there, and we will share some of our favorites that you may want to try out if this is your cup of tea and you already own a pair virtual reality glasses, or maybe who knows, this might make you get one if you do not.

Play Club VR

One of the most advanced VR sex games out there, with amazing graphics and audio quality, this game will definitely make you experience a raging boner every time you play it. The game will allow you to create a custom character, and the possibilities are endless since the character making options are overwhelming with a plethora of options. You can make the character look like your dream girl if you spend enough time with it. Besides the physical appearance, you can also choose between a lot of clothing, so whatever kind of fetish you have, whether it be a sexy schoolgirl outfit, stockings, boots, skirts, pantyhose, you name it, it is going to be available to you. The amount of environment and scenarios is also quite wide, so you can experience your fantasies in multiple surroundings as well.

VR Model Viewer

If you ever wanted to see your favorite game characters doing naughty things to themselves or even you as well, then the VR Model Viewer is going to make those dreams come true for you. This game can take models from any game with 3D models, and put them right in front of you, and the best part is that there is a big community who is dedicated to making all of your favorite characters completely naked so the experience can get even better.

Red Light Center

One of the first multiplayer games on in the VR sex games market is Red Light Center, and it shares a very similar philosophy like Second Life, but it allows you to experience everything in VR. If you don’t know what Second Life is, it is an online video game where you as the sole name suggests, lead a second life with a virtual character. You can meet a lot of people from all over the world, and you can do all kinds of things, just like in real life. In Red Light Center you can experience amazing lovemaking sessions through VR while communicating with another person which makes this a true sensation.