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The VR porn industry has quite a lot of ways that you can experience amazing adult entertainment. You may be familiar with the standard VR cinema, and full VR sex videos where you can see the action all around you. However, there is one type of VR porn that will allow you to interact with the action that is happening. You can do this by playing all sorts of virtual reality sex games. Now, you must understand that the graphics in all games depend on their developers, which is why you will see some with not such great graphics but you will also see some pretty realistic ones as well. The VR technology is not that long with us, but there are already hundreds or even thousands of amazing sex games that will allow you to experience and interact with some of your most desired fantasies. Most of the games are dedicated to characters from the animated worlds such as cartoons, anime, and of course our favorite video game characters. If you prefer to watch animated characters that you always fantasized about having sex with, then the VR sex games are definitely the way to go because you will most likely see them in their original design with a few naughty modifications here and there. One of the better things about VR sex games is that the control system is much easier to setup and get used to than the ones for your regular VR porn as you are easily able to use your gamepad, keyboard, mouse, or some kind of motion sensor devices as the developers want to make you as comfortable as they possibly can. Some people say that video games are slowly taking over the regular videos, as you can really put yourself in the situation and impact the surroundings around you, but who knows where the technology will lead us next.