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There is nothing better that a virtual reality video can simulate better than an amazing striptease show. That is because when you are enjoying a nice striptease show, you are forbidden to do any kind of touching, and since with the VR technology you can only watch, this is absolutely perfect to simulate the ultimate striptease show experience. You will already be able to find quite a lot of striptease videos where you will have all kinds of beauties taking off their clothes right in front of their eyes. Some of them might even wear your favorite uniforms, and some of them might have music in the background as well. Either way, once you put on your virtual reality device, all you have to do is play the VR striptease video, and you will feel like the action is right there with you, in the same room, or that you are there, the way you want to look at it is up to you. Naturally, the striptease does not only have to involve taking off one’s clothes, the ladies will also talk dirty to you while showing you some of their good bits while still having pieces of clothing on, and some of them will even their hot spots directly in front of your face. There are of course some videos who include stripping that go far more than just that, and that is the advanced level of teasing, which is still perfectly simulated with the VR device at your disposal, as you are still only watching. Here you will be able to see hot babes play with themselves while they look at you, and they will be using either their fingers or maybe some of their favorite tools in order to get you as excited as you can possibly become.