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When it comes to virtual reality porn, there are always some ways that you can improve your experience as the VR videos will only help you with the visual part, and we are here to guide you how to make your experience much better. Once you try any of our tips, we doubt that you will ever go back to watching VR porn how you are used to doing it now. One thing that never comes to people is the use of all kinds of sex toys, this goes for both men and women as there are toys that will help you masturbate no matter what gender you are. If you are a girl, naturally there are plenty of dildos that you can use during your VR experience, and you can plunge your own pussy just like the guy is fucking you in front of your eyes, guys can also use dildos in case they enjoy watching shemale babes fucking their asshole as well. What guys never think of is using the fleshlight during any type of fantasy, as it is great for simulating both a nice pussy or a mouth as well if you master the hand motion and sync it with the video you are trying to enjoy. Of course, using sex toys is always better if you use some sort of lubricant or liquid that will help you out with the dry toys. For this you can use all sorts of oils, the best ones are the ones that have some sort of smell, however, you can use simple oil that will just help things slide. When you use these sex tools, you will be surprised how the experience gets better, and once you start using our advice, as mentioned earlier, you will never go back to standard masturbation again.