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You probably saw a lot of porn that involves all sorts of sex machines, but you never got the chance to see how that looks from the first person perspective. Yes, there are some POV porn videos that put you in the role where the camera shows everything how it works and how the girl is enjoying herself with all sorts of sex machines, however, nothing really puts you close to the action, until now. Today, you are able to put yourself directly into any fantasy you desire, including one that has a lot of sex machines involved in the scenario, all you have to do is put on your VR headset and you will be teleported to the world that pretty much makes your imagination come to life. There are plenty of pornstars who love experimenting all kinds of sex machines because their pussies had enough of a real dick, and they are looking for something more superior, of course, there are also amateur girls who are just curious how it feels. The best part about VR sex machine videos is that you are put in the first person perspective of the character that is overseeing the whole process, and you will most definitely enjoy watching all sorts of babes having their love tunnels impaled by all sorts of sex toys. Some of them will enjoy the pleasure they are receiving, while the other ones will be in pain as the sex machines are simply too much for them to handle, so no matter what turns you on, you will find something that will satisfy all of your sex machine desires in the world of virtual reality. There are of course some videos that will put you in the spotlight, and you will be the one who will test out the machines.