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Riley Reid and her sex toys are suspect – Sex Story

While I was having some very amazing sex with one of the most successful busyness men in the VR porn industry, the old man fell on the dildo we were using and it went deep down his throat, choking him to death. I was in shock, I had no idea what to do, so I simply left the hotel room and went home, hoping that the police will not connect me to the case.

I knew I was innocent, but I really didn’t want to go to jail. One day, the police knocked on my door, and they have taken me into custody. They told me that my DNA was all over the murder weapon, which was the dildo that he managed to choke on. I was trying to deny that I was even there, telling them that it must have been some kind of mistake, but the detective did not let me go, he insisted that I killed my lover, also known as the VR sex god.

While I was in the interrogation room, the detective put the evidence bag onto his table, in the evidence bag, there was the dildo. Since I knew that I could not get myself out of trouble just by doing some sweet talk, I decided to put on a little show for the detective. Because I was already wearing a sexy white dress, it was quite easy for me to abuse my body in order to make him fall for my plan. I took a nice smoke, and as I discarded it, I started teasing him by crossing my legs left and right. When I noticed that his eyesight was constantly going to my pantyless pussy, I pulled down my white dress and showed him my small tits.

He said nothing, while just leaning back into his chair. Then, I displayed my gorgeous ass, and I could see it in his eyes that he would definitely tap that ass. I approached the desk where the ashtray and the evidence bag were, and I put my leg on it.

This allowed him to have the perfect view of my semi-trimmed pussy, and as I started to play around with it, I could see that he would really like to stick it into me, which he probably would if there weren’t any cameras in the interrogation room. Later on, as I got nice and wet, I decided to strip down my white dress, and then I took the evidence bag into my hands.

“Do you want to see what this was really used for? It was only used to murder my pussy” I told him before I took out the sex toy and started to use it on myself. As I got hornier and hornier, I climbed on the desk and faced my ass towards him, so he can have the perfect view of my solo masturbation session. When my knees began to hurt, I decided to take a break by taking a seat on the chair I was previously sitting on, while still fingering myself.

As soon as I caught my breath, I went back onto his desk and I continued masturbating until I had an amazing orgasm. Now that he has seen me in action, the detective decided to let me go for now, and that they are going to investigate who murdered the VR porn company CEO.