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Pornstar Highlight: Katy Rose

Katy Rose is a playful sex bomb who became a pornstar in 2014. Once you experience a one-on-one session with this tiny devil, you will never need another babe. Even though she has not been an adult actress for a long time, this flirty girl knows just how to win our hearts and cocks with loads of kinky hardcore videos of her juicy buns! With her petite build, small cupcakes and a shaved pussy, Katy Rose is the perfect girl for every innocent role she can get! In this blog, we are going to feature a couple of VR sex videos where you will get to experience amazing VR sessions with this angel.

Katy Rose Tempts With Her Ass In VR Porn

If you enjoy getting teased then this VR experience is definitely going to become one of your favorites. The scenario starts off with you reading a magazine in the kitchen, and as you bat your eyes to the staircase, you will see Katy Rose walking down. She is going to temper around with something in the kitchen, however, since she will notice that you are not giving her that much attention, she is going to climb on the table and crawl towards you. As she gets close enough, she is going to take the magazine out of your hands, and then her performance is going to begin. First, she is going to tease you with her lusty body for a little bit, and once she makes sure that you are not going to look anywhere else, she will start to strip off her clothes. As she gets completely naked, she is going to let you have a nice view of her pussy before she starts to pleasure herself passionately all the way until she has an amazing orgasm.

VR PORN – Blond Teen Fuck

If you are looking for a more personal VR experience with Katy Rose, then you should definitely check this one out as you can get pretty much everything you want from this sensational princess. The scenario begins with her again in the kitchen, however, this time she is wearing a sexy outfit that includes a red shirt on top and some stockings with lingerie on the bottom. While you are laying down on the table just minding your own business, Katy is going to approach you and start teasing you with her gorgeous body by stripping off some clothes. Once she notices that you got a nice hard boner, she will get down on her knees and start sucking you off. Katy is going to continue giving you a blowjob until it’s nicely covered with her saliva, and once she is satisfied with the preparations, she will ride you in the cowgirl position.

However, since the table is not the most comfortable place for fucking, you are going to go on the couch right next to the table, and here you will be able to penetrate this beauty in a couple of other positions before you cum.