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Pornstar Highlight: Joseline Kelly

If there is pornstar in the VR industry that is perfect for the role of a hot schoolgirl, most of us would agree that Joseline Kelly is the one. She is a hot American teen pornstar who was born on May 22nd in 1997, and her adult career already began in 2015. Even if she hasn’t been in the industry for too long, this beauty starred in an amazing amount of films, and of course, some of them are in virtual reality. In this blog, we are going to cover some of those VR videos, and once you check them out, you will definitely revisit them to relive the experience that Joseline is going to give you.

VR Porn – House of Sluts EPISODE 1

One of the most popular VR videos is the one where Joseline Kelly is the main star. In this scenario, you start in a living room, talking to your sister. Eventually, someone rings the doorbell, and that is when she tells you that she invited one of her friends over since she wanted to meet you for a very long time. Her friends happen to be Joseline Kelly, and she is dressed in an incredibly sexy uniform that involves a white shirt, a red skirt and of course, some white stockings that complete her slutty schoolgirl uniform. Your sister wanted to properly introduce you to her, however, since she got a phone call, she had to make go. Since you and Joseline were all alone, this cute brunette angel decided to make a move on you. She will slowly get in front of you, and as she bends over she will see if you are checking her out. Since no man could ever resist this gorgeous babe, you will, of course, look at her juicy ass, and once she sees that you are interested, she will tease you with the rest of her body. After a little bit of teasing, Joseline is going to get down on her knees and suck you off for quite a while before she feels your hard pecker inside of her tight snatch.

Redhead Joseline Kelly And Her Big Dildo

Joseline also looks incredibly hot when she is in a role of a hot redhead agent. In this VR scenario, you will be the incredible mastermind who kidnapped her partner, and the only way she can save his life is if she gives an incredible performance using the tool you have left for her, which is a big dildo. She will begin her performance with a little bit of teasing as she slowly strips off her clothes and starts making herself horny by caressing her own body. Eventually, she will get a little bit wet, but before she gets to use the toy, she will stretch her pussy with her fingers. Once Joseline is ready for the toy, she will moisten it up with her saliva and after that, she will plunge herself in various positions until she has one of the best orgasms.