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Pornstar Highlight: Cindy Starfall

One of the hottest and one of the most successful Asian pornstars is definitely Cindy Starfall. This incredible beauty was born on November 28th in 1989, Saigon, Vietnam. This beauty is an incredible petite babe that everyone would like to stick their dick in, and thanks to the VR technology today, you can do just that! Cindy has a mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese descent, and it is not too much to say that she took only the best from her ancestors. At the age of 15, she emigrated to America along with her family, and she attended an all-girls Catholic school as well as a fashion school. As soon as she turned 18, she started to live on her own, and in 2011 she began her career in the adult industry as a model. However, after becoming one of the top webcam models, it did not take too long for her to start in her first hardcore movies in 2012. Besides doing porn, she also did some regular acting in a couple of comedies. As it was mentioned before, thanks to virtual reality, you too can experience how it feels to have a lovemaking session with this sensational Asian beauty, and we are going to feature some of the videos she stars in. VR Asian Sex With Japanese Virgin Thanks to her petite body, there is nobody more perfect for playing the role of a naughty schoolgirl. You will find yourself in the role of a peeping tome in this schoolgirls closet, and as you see her return home, Cindy is going to leave her schoolbag and then she will take her laptop and lay down on her bed. As she turns on the browser, you will see Cindy watching some porn, and while doing so, this naughty babe will also begin to touch herself. However, she is not the only one that is going to get excited, and as you make a couple of sounds while lurking in her closet, she will notice you and confront you. At first, Cindy will be very upset, but once she notices the size of your cock, she will bring you to her bed where you will receive a nice blowjob while also penetrating this cute Asian schoolgirl in a couple of different positions. Your Cock In Japan Even if this is not a VR experience where you will get to enjoy Cindy Starfall alone, her performance here will definitely bring a lot to your hard boner and your VR session. The other two girls, Ayumu Kase and Mia Li are other two geishas who will provide you with a lot of pleasure. In the beginning of the video, Mia Li is the one who will start things off, however, as things go by, all of the girls are going to take part of entertaining you in some very naughty ways. All three girls will suck you off, but most of the time you will get to enjoy Cindy sucking your dick while the other two babes are pleasuring each other by finger one another’s love tunnel.