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Pornstar Highlight: Cherry Kiss

Serbia was not really known for a lot of things in the adult industry, however, Cherry Kiss definitely made that change when she started her career in the adult business in 2011. This blonde babe with stunning chestnut colored eyes will definitely make you fall in love with her the moment you see her in action. She is quite a tall babe compared to the average height of hotties in the adult industry as her height is 172 cm. If you ever wanted to find yourself in a one on one session with the amazing Cherry Kiss, you are in luck because she is one of the pornstars who is highly embracing the VR porn technology, and you will be able to see quite a lot of her over here. In this blog, we are going to feature some videos where you can experience a session with this blonde princess.

Anal Sex After Shower

While Cherry was taking a shower, you will find yourself in her room, reading her diary. Since you are in the role of her stepbrother, you will be quite surprised when you discover that Cherry wants your hard cock inside of her tight asshole. However, before you successfully hide the diary and go out of the room like you were never there, Cherry is going to return from the shower and catch you in action. At first, she will be quite frustrated with you, but since you discovered her secret, she decided to at least get some worth out of it. That is when she will “accidentally” drop the towel and reveal her magnificent body before she unzips your pants and starts sucking on your big boner. After she gives you a nice blowjob that will make your cock nice and slippery, you will get to experience and incredible VR session where you penetrate Cherry’s snatch and her backdoor in the regular and reverse cowgirl positions.

Blowjob by your GF’s sexy sister

In this VR scenario, you will be in your bed with your girlfriend after an incredible house party. Since it was quite late when the party was over, your girlfriend’s sister decided to stay over in the bedroom next to yours. Your girlfriend managed to fall asleep quite fast, but while you are trying to do the same, at one point, you will see Cherry Kiss, your girlfriend’s sister, slowly tiptoeing her way towards the bad as she shows to be quiet.

As she reaches the bed, she will remove the covers off you, and then she will start crawling towards you. Once she gets close enough, she will begin to make out with you while touching your crotch. Since Cherry is one hot babe, you will quickly develop a raging boner, and that is exactly what she wants because once your cock gets completely erect, she will go down and start sucking on it. After sucking you off for a while, she will let you finger her tight pussy for a little while, but not long after you do that she will get back to sucking you off while her sister is sleeping next to you.