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Pornstar Highlight: Cayla Lyons

Cayla Lyons is one of those pornstars for whom you would never normally say that she is a pornstar. She is just such a cute innocent looking teen that imagining a cock inside of her mouth is one of the last things that would come to your mind. However, that is what makes Cayla so special, because she knows how to use her innocent looks to make the VR experience with her even better. In the two videos that we are going to talk about in this blog, you will be able to see just how amazing Cayla is, and once you start having some fun with her over your VR gear, it will be really hard to enjoy some other girls.

Call Pizza For VR Fuck

One of the classic porn scenarios is that the girl order’s some pizza and ends up getting fucked by the delivery man as that end’s up being his tip, however, in this VR scenario, you will be in the role of a guy who ordered some pizza, and Cayla Lyons happens to be your delivery girl. When she comes into your luxurious hotel room, she will not be asking for a tip or anything, but instead, she will somehow just get into your head and end up pleasuring your hard cock.

After Cayla manages to give you an amazing blowjob, she will let you finger her tight pussy while moaning in pleasure. Once her pussy is nicely wet, she will start riding you in the cowgirl position. At one point, she will let you take over control, and this is where you will place this cute blonde babe into the missionary position. As your cock is piercing deep inside of her in missionary, Cayla will moan even louder than before which will give you the motivation to penetrate her at full speed. When you are about to cum, you will slam her very hard, and as you pull out your big cock, you will jizz all over her belly before she makes her leave.

Blonde Babysitter In High Heels Masturbating

Even if Cayla does a really good job when she has a man to provide her with his big hard shaft, she also knows how to deliver a perfect performance when she is all on her own.

In this VR scenario, she will be playing the role of a lonely babysitter who likes to get naughty with the nanny cam. While nobody else is around, she will start to tease whoever is watching her through the nanny cam by slowly showing off her lusty body. Cayla will definitely give you a boner even if she is wearing her flower top with shorts and high heels, and if she doesn’t she definitely will once she gets down on the floor and starts showing off her good bits and dick pleasing skills on her dildo.

After Cayla makes herself horny from sucking on her little pink toy, she will enjoy herself with her sex toy as she plunges it deep inside of her tiny wet pussy in various positions.