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Pornstar Highlight: Bridgette B

If you enjoy watching some good quality adult entertainment, then you must have heard about Bridgette B at least somewhere during your browsing journey. She started her career doing regular porn videos which got her quite famous due to her incredible performance. You will definitely recognize her big fake milk cans that every man would definitely like to motor boat, and the best part is, today we can all experience looking at those boobies from the first-person perspective thanks to the incredible virtual reality perspective.

Brunette and blonde are playing sexball game

Her first video for was quite a success as you will see her sharing the scene with the lovely Anya Olsen, a brunette beauty with a much smaller pair of tits, but still an amazing babe when it comes to making our dicks hard. In this VR scenario, you will be in the role of a soccer coach who wants to make Brigette and Anya better players since the championship is coming, and you really want to win it. However, because you have been making them practice a bit too much, these two hotties decided to take a relaxing break. Since they don’t want to make you angry, they decided to include you in their little break as they will relax in front and on you as they rub their pussies until they have amazing orgasms.

Bridgette B Makes you VR Cuckold

This is another scenario with this blonde milf where you will be able to enjoy everything from quite a close perspective, but yet again you will not have a lot of interaction with this angel. Instead, you will be able to watch her work out and strip off her clothes as she starts to masturbate. While doing so, you will notice that her pool boy is looking at her and Bridgette will notice that too. As she invites him, she will be extremely mad because he has been looking at her solo session. In order for him to redeem for his actions, he will have to do nothing else but to fuck her as hard as he can while you can see all the action.

VR BDSM Fetish With Bridgette B

For the last video in this pornstar highlight, we will finally give you something where you can truly enjoy a hot one on one lovemaking session with the legendary Bridgette B. In this scenario, you will see yourself breaking into her house so you can attempt to steal her car. However, Bridgette is one tough girl and as she notices you in her garage, she will knock you out with a bottle. Since she is one kinky mama, she is not going to call the police, instead, she will dress you up in a kinky outfit and tie you to the chair. In order to earn your freedom, you will have to win at her game where you can not cum until she says so. It is definitely a hard challenge because Bridgette really knows how to pleasure your cock with all of her good bits, especially with her big titties.