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I always wanted to be a professional model for a virtual reality porn company, and my friends have been telling me that I should definitely consider giving ti a shot because I have a stunning body and my blonde hair is something that will turn on a lot of guys. One day while I was browsing through some adds, I saw one where a photographer was looking for a new cover girl of their new virtual reality sex magazine. It did state that the shooting will involve no nudity, but I knew that if someone offered them more that they asked for that they would definitely not refuse it. Because we had to pick out the clothes that we are going to wear during the shoot on my own, I put on a sexy swimsuit beneath a robe and that is how I went in front of the photographer. As I entered the room, I introduced myself before taking off the robe. While taking off the robe, I did ask again if this was only a fashion shoot without any nudity. Once my robe came off, I could see that the photographer of the VR sex magazine was looking at me differently, which was a good sign for me to continue with my incredible plan to deliver him more than he expected. I pretended to be hot, and I slowly took off my top, revealing my big tits. He kept on staring with an even hungrier look, and I knew that he is loving what’s in front of him. That is when I decided to take off all of my clothes and put on a little show that will definitely get me not only the cover girl photo but also a potential job in the VR company. I turned around with my ass towards his face, and I started to rub my pussy with my fingers. Eventually, I got really horny, and I took a chair that was on his right and I put it right in front of him so he can see my performance from the best angle. As I set into the chair, I spread my legs and put them on his knees. He could see my nicely shaved pussy without anything in his way except for my hand that was going all over it. Later on, I got so wet and horny that I started to finger myself. I noticed he would like to see the action even closer, and that is when I got onto his knee and I started to grind on it while rubbing my nicely drenched clit. or a second, I did stand up one more time to show him my big juicy ass, but I decided to finish while I was still on his leg. When I sat back onto him, I started to masturbate rapidly, and eventually, I ended up with one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life, soaking up his whole leg with my juices.