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Jenny VR – A Good Mobile VR Sex Game Is Finally Coming!

Today, there are quite a lot of VR porn games that you can easily access on your PC. Some of them are pure garbage that is not even worth looking at, and there are some that are so well done that they might even feel better than the actual VR porn videos. These type of adult games are absolutely amazing, and if you still didn’t give them a try, you definitely should because quite a lot of them will take the fulfillment of your fantasies to a whole other level.

One thing about the VR sex games that is quite unfortunate is that there are almost no developers for mobile phones. But fear not, because t hat is all about to change with the increase in demand for this type of context thanks to a brand new VR sex app for your mobile phone that goes by the name JennyVR.

What is JennyVR?

There might not be that many VR sex games for your mobile device, however, JennyVR is currently the best one you can find on the market as it is completely different from its competition. It offers a lot better graphics, a higher audio quality, and of course a much better and stable gameplay.

What do we mean by stable?

Well, since the VR technology is quite demanding when it comes to gaming on your phone, there is an issue that usually leads to VR sex games to crash either on launch because your phone simply can not handle them, or after a couple of minutes because they are not coded very well. JennyVR took care of those problems, and you can easily enjoy a nice session of this game for a decent amount of time, like a normal VR sex session.

How come the graphics are better?

One of the most important things about this game, which helps out with not only the graphics it offers but the stability of the whole game, is that unlike most of the games that are made with the use of Unity 3D, JennyVR is made with the help of the Unreal Engine which you will definitely recognize if you are a gamer.

What about the actual game?

Similar to other VR sex games, here you will be able to enjoy a one on one lovemaking session with a hot virtual babe who’s name is, you guessed it, Jenny. You will be able to choose from a various amount of sex positions that you would like to fuck her in. There are all the traditional positions such as the missionary, cowgirl, and the doggy style position. But of course, there are a couple of other ones that you might enjoy. Of course, besides fucking this beautiful babe, you will be able to make her suck on your cock took. An amazing feature that this game offers is that you are able to choose if Jenny is going to be completely naked, or you can make her wear something. If you have a fetish for a certain type of clothing, then you will definitely enjoy this amazing game.

Since the game is still in development, you can support this project further via patreon.

You can download the game here.