Virtualrealitybang VR Porn - Virtual Reality Porn

1. What do I need to watch the movies on your website?

– You need to have VR goggles (for example: VR cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Ect. ) – If you are going to use goggles, you would need a smartphone (unless you use Oculus). – You will also have to buy a membership package of your choice on our website.

I’ve got everything that I need, what now?

1. Choose the vr porn movie that you like the most.

2. If you want to watch it online, bascially press play and then choose the quality of the movie(settings wheel button in the right bottom corner of the player) to fit to your internet connection. Remember – to fully experience virtual reality porn online experience you need to play the movie via the mobile device and then put it to your vr gear/google cardboard

3. If you want to watch the movie after you downloaded it you need to play it via VR Player, here is the list of VR Players for specific devices:

– iOS devices – Mobile VR Station or Kolor Eyes App
– Android devices – AAA VR Cinema or VR Player
– Mac – LiveViewRift
– If you got Oculus Rift/HTC VIVE/OSVR and want to watch movie online with your device, you need to download this browser: Mozilla Nightly

If you got Playstation VR:
1. Download the VR videos from our website
2. Move them to a folder on a USB drive
3. Plug the drive into your PS4
4. Open files using the PS4 Media Player Application
5. Make sure the Media Player is version 2.50
6. Turn on the PSVR headset
7. Hold the ‘Options’ button
8. Select ‘VR Mode’ from the menu

If you got Samsung Gear VR then download THIS app    

2. What is “VR cinema mode”?

– On our website you will be able to watch VR movies as you were in the cinema. Important! VR Cinema mode is avalibe only when you play a movie from your mobile device online, not via PC. It’s our special VR feature that allows the user to fully experience and maximize the feelings from watching.

4. Is it fully anonymous?

– Yes it is. We care about your safety and privacy we won’t share your personal details with anyone.

5. Do I need to download your movies to watch them on my smart phone/goggles?

– No, to enjoy virtual reality bang you don’t need to download anything and waste space on your hard drive or smart phone. We have a fully integrated VR Player on our website which will allow you to connect your smart phone to our services.