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House of Sluts EPISODE 1 VR Sex Story


During the summer, I traveled to America thanks to the international exchange program, and during my time there, I met a lot of different people. One of them was a petite blonde girl who was really fun and easy to talk to, and eventually, the two of us became great friends. She was telling me all kinds of stories, especially about her brother who turned out to be very sexy according to the picture she showed me. At one point, she invited me to come over to her house so I can check out her place and meet her brother. I knew this would be a perfect occasion for me to seduce him, and I had a VR dream that the two of us will be left all alone in the house.

That is when I decided to put on a sexy outfit, so I decided to style my hair having two ponytails. Since I did not plan to wear a bra I took a shirt and tied it in a way to hide my tits just enough while I was walking through the town. I found a very short red skirt, and I matched it with my favorite white stockings and black high heels. When I was done with my makeup, I was happily on the way to my friend’s place, hoping that the VR sex dream will come true.

When I arrived, I rang on the door and my blonde friend opened the door for me. She immediately introduced me to her brother, whom from what I noticed, had a very surprised and passionate look on his face. Just like in my virtual reality porn dream, my friend received a call from her mom, and she was told that her car crashed and that she was asked to come and help her out. When she left, her brother and I were completely alone, I was very thrilled about that.

I was him checking me out, so I casually pretended to drop something in front of him so I can display him my ass. I saw him scratch his crotch, and I knew he was having a boner, and soon enough, he asked me to take off my shirt. Once I did like he asked, I saw his boner rise beneath his jeans, so helped him out by taking out his big pecker after taking a bite at his balls over the jeans. When I took off his pants, I was really surprised by the size of his pecker, and I could not stop myself, nor did I want to stop myself from stroking it with my hands. As I continued doing so, it only got bigger and harder, and eventually, I put it in my mouth and I started giving him one of my special blowjob performances.

Just like in the VR sex dream, after a couple of minutes of having his cock inside my mouth, I decided to go all the way for him because I knew we both wanted it. That is when I allowed him to fuck me in the missionary position where I spread my legs and in I also rode him in cowgirl which provided me divine pleasure.