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Hot Outdoor Scenarios

Most of regular and VR porn videos are usually shot inside, because hot babes really enjoy being penetrated on a couch or a bed, however, there are some videos where things happen outside the house. Things look a lot better when the babes are surrounded by a beautiful outdoor area where you can see the pool, some trees, and grass. In this blog, we are going to cover a couple of hot outdoor videos that you are definitely going to enjoy.

VR Porn – Høbbitt The Desolation of Cock

One of our most popular videos, probably because it is a reference to one of the most popular books out there, features  Anya Olsen and Courtney Taylor who are roleplaying as two priestesses who’s mission is to save you, the brave warrior who got injured in combat. These hotties are going to find you in the forest, and after they both get completely naked, they are going to use their spiritual energy in order to extract the dark elements out of your body by sucking and riding your cock all the way until you cum. This video also has a sex story, so you might want to check out that as well.

Hot Brunette Masturbating in VR

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing an extremely hot babe like Raven Bay relaxing next to a pool. When she notices that you are watching her, she is going to give you a show that you will definitely not get out of your head for a while. She is going to rub her beautiful pussy with her fingers until she gets completely wet, once she gets nice and wet, she is going to take her little toy and start using on her drenched cunt. Sometimes Raven is also going to do some sexy posing for you just to introduce some variety to her performance.

Brunette and blonde are playing sexball game

Here you will be able to see amazing Anya Olsen and Bridgette B training really hard for the upcoming soccer championship, however, since you have been training them quite hard lately, these two hotties are going to demand a break from practice. That is when they are going to pour water over themselves before they get completely naked. After that, these two beautiful girls are going to play with their pussies by rubbing them and grinding them on your legs all the way until they cum.

VR Porn – Sex With MILF At The Swimming Pool

In this scenario, you will find yourself waiting for a massage by laying on a bed that is positioned next to a pool, under a palm tree. When the beautiful Jackie Wood approaches you and starts massaging you, she will soon tell that you are having a raging boner. As she grabs the oil, she will slowly move towards your hard pecker. Once she reveals it, she going stroke it for a while before sucking it too. As the oil completely mixes with her saliva, she is going to let you penetrate her wet pussy in cowgirl positions.