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Hot Brunette Chick and her best silicon friend Sex Story

After returning home from work, I decided to make a quick visit to the sex shop. Since I haven’t been in one for years, I have been surprised with all the sex toys they offered me. One of the things that intrigued me the most were the virtual reality sex that I enjoyed quite a lot by putting on a VR headset. I experienced watching a girl masturbating with a long see-through double ending dildo, and that VR sex video inspired me to do exactly the same.

Once I was done with the VR porn clip they showed me at the store, I asked the employees there if they have a copy of such a dildo in stock. Lucky for me they did, and I immediately made the purchase. While I was on my way home, I was really excited, and I was also quite horny because of the virtual reality experience I have just been through.

As soon as I got home, I locked the door behind me and I went to the living room. Since I live alone, there was no need for me to worry if anyone else is home, so I just took out the sex toy and started to admire it for a bit. As I got hornier and hornier due to the impatience of wanting to have it deep inside of my pussy, I decided to tease myself even more because I wanted this experience to be as epic as it can. I began my solo session by playing around with my body for a big before I stripped off all my clothes.

Having my tits in my hands while in this extremely horny mood felt absolutely glorious, and I could feel how my pussy was oozing with juices. Eventually, I stripped off all of my clothes, and I only had my high heels on. At that point, I began to fool around with my pussy by rubbing the clit with my fingers, making my pussy as wet as a fountain. Later on, I started to insert fingers inside myself, starting with one, then a couple of moments later I put two fingers inside of my drenched love tunnel.

At this point, I really couldn’t hold back anymore, so I decided to stick the new sex toy I just purchased deep inside my pussy. However, I had to lube it up first, and since I didn’t have any lube around, I decided to suck on it for a while until it got all moistened up with my saliva. Once it did, I slowly insert the toy inside my snatch, and it felt better than any dick that ever entered me before.

My masturbation session with the toy lasted for quite a while, and the longer it was going, the faster and deeper I thrust the sex toy inside of myself. I went through a couple of different positions just to make sure all of my pussy spots are hit, and in the end, I ended up with a sensational orgasm.