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We finally had the weekend all to ourselves, so we decided to go to an exclusive mansion that belonged to a VR sex company. As we arrived, we were quite excited about it, but since the trip was quite long, we thought it would be best if we enjoyed a bath together.

My husband went there first, and he was waiting for me with a towel wrapped around him while I was completely naked. Since I knew that he couldn’t wait to fuck me in all of the places in the house, I decided to tease him for a while by getting into the tub by myself before doing anything with him. As I got completely wet from the water, I fondled my gorgeous body and I also spanked my ass from time to time.

When I got to the point that I teased him enough, it was time for him to experience his first lovemaking session in this VR sex mansion. I started off with a simple blowjob, just to get his dick completely erect. While stroking off his pulsating pecker with my hands, I got a great idea to stroke him off with my medium sized natural tits as well.

Because I got sort of horny while stroking him off, I started to grind my pussy on one of his legs for just a little bit to release some of my horniness before sucking him off some more. Now that his dick was nicely drenched in my saliva, it was time for him to penetrate my juicy pussy. That is when I turned around, and I impaled myself in the doggy position. As his completely erect donger was drilling my love tunnel, I felt absolutely fantastic.

After riding him for a couple of minutes, I wanted to get drilled in a different position, but before doing that, I got off his cock so I can lick the juices my pussy covered it with. Now that his shaft was clean from my pussy juices, I got on top of him and began to ride him in the cowgirl position.

Bouncing up and down on his hard cock felt absolutely incredible, every time he entered me completely, I could feel that the insides of my pussy were getting stretched like never before, it was sensational.

Because I know he likes to fuck me in all sorts of positions, I turned around so he can pound me in the reverse cowgirl as well, of course, while switching between these two positions, I got off him so I can lick some more pussy juices off his pecker.

When I was done riding him in the reverse cowgirl, I went away from my husband so I can play with my pussy until I have an epic orgasm. Once I came and made the inside of my pussy extra moist, I came back to my hubby and rode him a little bit more before I got down on my knees again.

Then, I continued sucking him off, and as I felt that his cock was about to erupt, I prepared my mouth so I can catch all of his semen. Now that we fucked in the bathroom of this VR mansion, it was time to do it somewhere else.