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Gay VR Highlights

We covered a lot of videos in our blogs so far, however, we kind of ignored our gay fanbase which definitely deserves some attention. That is why in this article we are going to talk about some of the best gay videos you can find on our website.

Handsome man is getting used

While a white guy is chilling by the pool reading some books, another guy, who was black, will manage to get into his yard. When he asked him how he got in, the black guy told him that he stood him up a couple of times, so he decided to come and find him. Even if there was a stranger in the yard, the white guy will not complain at all because the black stranger is extremely handsome, and shirtless too.

After the black guy touches him for a while, the white guy will fall for his charms, and he will unzip his pants before going for his completely erect big black cock. He will start sucking him off by the poolside. He kept giving him a blowjob until the black guy’s big cock was nicely drenched in the white guy’s saliva. The black guy didn’t want to feel his new lover ignored, so he unzipped his pants, and he took out his cock too. He then got down on his knees, and he decided to give him some oral pleasure as well. While giving him a short blow, he also twisted his nipples with his hand, which made the white dude really horny.

After that, they decided to go inside where they could get even more intimate with each other. While the black guy was still wearing his black hat, he made the white guy suck him off while laying down on the bed. This time, the blowjob did not last too long, as he was already nicely moist from before. The next thing that happened was the black guy coming top of him. He took out the condom out of his boots, and he put it on his pulsating schlong, starting off an amazing lovemaking session.

VR Porn – Gay Doggy Style

This is yet another VR cinema video where you will be able to see a guy with a really nice tan, who happens to be a construction worker and a black guy who is really into construction workers. Of course, after a long day outisde, the construction worker got a bit tired, and the sun was getting to him, so he decided to visit the nearest house to cool off a bit. While going there, he noticed that there is a black guy watching him with a very desirable look.

When the construction worker almost got to the front door, the black guy was already waiting for him. They both knew what they want, and it did not take too long for them to get inside. Once they were in, they started to make out while taking each other’s clothes off. Eventually, the black guy started sucking off the construction worker, which was only the beginning of the amazing time these gay guys were about to experience.