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Now, we already have a blog where we talk how you can improve your virtual reality session by using all kinds of sex toys such as dildos, fleshlights, molds and other helpful tools such as oils, lubricants, and other similar items. However, we would like to focus on the last part that we mentioned, real life-like sex dolls.

The ultimate way to enjoy VR videos is of course with the help of real life-like sex dolls, and the best place to find those is as well as some other websites, but this blog is mainly going to focus on this one because it is the most popular one, and it offers the most amount of content.

So, what is a real life-like sex doll? Technically it is a much-advanced sex toy mold, but it is also much more. If you ever wanted to create your perfect babe in real life, this is now completely possible as you will soon find out that there is an absolutely astonishing amount of customization that you can request for your sex doll. For starters, there are sex dolls of all sorts, for both guys and the girls, some of them even work for both. By that, we mean that you can order both male and female dolls, as well as some that will have tools for both genders to enjoy. All of the dolls look and feel exactly like humans, which means that when you put on those VR glasses and put one of these in your lap, you will definitely feel like the babe on the screen is real.

To take things even further, there are some preset dolls that you can purchase immediately, and these look like some famous celebrities, or they are just extremely good looking. However, if you are into something specific, you can also fully customize your own doll before ordering.

The customization will begin by selecting one of the available faces, and bodies. Currently, there are over 20 options for facial features and 6 body types. Which means that one of them will definitely fit your tastes.

After you select those two features, the next is the so-called “coloring” section. Here you will be able to choose the skin tone of your doll. There are 5 options at the moment: fair, medium, light tan, tanned, cocoa. Then you will be able to choose the color of the lips, which has 6 options available. You will even be able to choose between fingernail colors, that also has 6 choices. Of course, you will have quite a lot of customization when it comes to eyes, including their color, along with some other features.

The coloring section can not be over without mentioning hair, and you will have a few options when it comes to hair, such as color and style. Now one of the most important parts when it comes to pleasure is choosing the vaginal attachment style, which comes in a couple of options, and you should choose this wisely.

After the basic customization part is over, the next part will focus on some small details, that you might want to enjoy even if you are not using the doll during VR sex videos. These options are piercings, freckles, nipple colors, pubic hair, elf ears and so on.

If you really want to enjoy masturbating like a champion during your VR sex sessions, then real life-like sex dolls are the ultimate way to reach high-end pleasure.