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Cockablanca Sex Story

Since I really needed some money, I got a job as a waitress in a unique restaurant that ran an eastern theme. I usually worked in the virtual reality industry, making VR games, VR porn, VR apps, but at the moment there is no job that gets more paid than bringing people strange tea while wearing a traditional outfit that the restaurant’s theme is based upon.

One day, I got to be a personal waitress of one of the richest men in the city, and I served him in a private room. He decided to order a house special, which was herbal tea with nargile. After I poured him some tea, he asked me to share a cup with him.

However, since the tea is filled with a lot of sexual stimulators, waitresses are forbidden to drink with clients in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. I told him I can not drink with him, but at that moment, he decided to offer me a nice amount of money if I would join him for a drink.

It is quite rare that someone leaves such a generous tip, so I decided to accept his offer. After I drank the tea, I became quite horny, and for some reason, I told him about it. As I stood up, I got a huge need to dance for him.

By doing one of the traditional dances for him, I have gotten even hornier, and since I had a big hunger for some dick, I began to strip off my clothes. As I was looking at the client, it seemed that he really hoped for this to happen.

Once I took off enough clothes, he began to strip off his clothes as well, and as he stood up, I got down on my knees so I can massage his pecker with my hands. I stroked his big pole all the way until it got completely erect, and then I put his big penis into my mouth.

His boner was quite delicious, and the longer I sucked on it, the more lubed up it got from my saliva, which also means that it could go deeper down my throat. After I was done sucking him off, I turned around into the doggy position, and I began to impale myself onto his big staff.

He kept fucking me for quite a while, and every time his dick got deep inside of me, I felt like I was in heaven. Naturally, at one point, I got a little bit tired so I told him to lay down so I can suck him off while I get some stamina.

As soon as I got my energy back, I got on top of him and I began to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position. While bouncing up and down in cowgirl, the clothes that I had around my waist rang in the beat of the penetration I was receiving.

After I turned around and rode him in the standard cowgirl position for a little bit, he was about to cum so I got off of him and put his pecker into my mouth. As I stroked him off, he delivered a nice load into my mouth.