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Can VR improve your confidence in bed?

There are a lot of topics that VR can cover, and today we are going to cover a rather interesting one that has been around ever since the first VR porn experience. The question that came around that time was “Can VR porn improve your confidence during sex?”, and the answer might or might not surprise you, depending on your experience. If you have tried VR porn, you must have noticed that the answer to this question is a big fat yes, and if haven’t yet, then here we are going to explain why that is so.

Regular porn vs VR

The debate to this starts off with regular porn. We have been used to watching regular 2D porn videos for a long time now, and how could we not, there are just so many girls in them that we can watch and fantasize about later. However, while we watch 2D porn, our brain is getting used to that voyeur feeling, since we are not the main protagonist of the scenario. Our brain starts to think that we are never going to achieve such greatness to fuck our dream girl, but that we are only going to watch from the distance, and that is the maximum amount of pleasure we can achieve from it.

This causes a lot of men to be shy and it really lowers their confidence when it comes to approaching women and having sex with them. It does not matter if it’s about one night stands or having sex for the fist time with your lover, regular porn is definitely going to ruin your confidence for both of these experiences.

What about the POV?

The POV regular porn videos might seem like non-voyeur videos, but let’s are honest, since you have no control of your vision during those videos, we can safely say that they are just a poor excuse to get a nice shot of the guy’s dick.

How does VR change that?

First of all, disclaimer, there are of course some VR experiences where you are still in a role of a voyeur who watches a couple fucking right in front of him, however, the biggest part of VR sex videos is making YOU the PROTAGONIST of the scenario. Yes, you personally are aware that you are not the one who is fucking the girl, however, since the VR is so good at tricking your eyes that you are so used to trust, it automatically makes your brain think that is actually happening, even if you are aware that is not.

When your brain gets used to the fact that YOU are the one who personally starts of the story and that YOU are the main guy who your hot dream girl desires, your confidence will get much bigger, and your masculine renaissance is going to reach its alpha state.


VR porn might seem a bit silly to some, but it is actually a very positive thing, even scientifically. So next time someone makes fun of your VR experiences, you can simply swoop their girl and bang her to prove your point if they don’t listen to you.