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Bridgette B Makes you VR Cuckold Sex Story

It was a very hot day, so I decided to do my workout inside, and I decided to capture myself with the VR camera. When I was done, I felt even hotter than I did outside, so while I was drinking some water, I decided to spill some on myself. This gave me an amazing idea, so I decided to take off my shirt and lay down on the bed. As I started touching myself, I noticed my pool boy looking at me through the window.

I immediately freaked out, and I was thinking to call the cops, however, he immediately pleaded for forgiveness, and he was saying how he will never do it again. After I took a better look at him, I knew that I could benefit from this by taking advantage of the situation. I told him to sit down on the bed, and as he did, I noticed that he is completely erect. Since I am all alone and I never have time to go out because of work, I took off his pants while the virtual reality camera was recording everything. Then I started to suck on his cock, and since he really enjoyed it, I tried to deep throat it as much as I could. As I was giving him an amazing blowjob performance, I noticed him looking at my big boobs with tan lines, and I got an idea to jerk him off by using my boobs. This got him even harder, and since he was really moist, I decided to let him penetrate me on my new gym equipment I just purchased.

His big hard cock started plowing my tight pussy in the doggy position, and it felt absolutely amazing, I just couldn’t stop myself from enjoying his rock solid shaft. When I noticed that he got a bit tired of thrusting himself deep inside me, I went down on my knees and sucked his big cock some more. While I was blowing him again, I pushed him towards the bed, and as he fell down on it, I decided to jump his rock solid cock and ride him in the cowgirl position. This time his cock went even deeper and I could not help but moan while taking a good pounding when he spanked my ass and squeezed my big tits. Once he regained his strength after I rode him in cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl, he wanted to plow my drenched cunt in the missionary position while the camera was still recording this virtual reality rough sex session. While having my legs spread, I could easily rub my clit as he gave his best to penetrate me as hard as he can, and this part of our session was absolutely sensational for both of us. When he was about to cum, he asked me if I want his juices, so I went down on my knees and I opened my mouth. As he came, I tried to catch every single drop, and once he was done cumming I kissed his cock and told him to go back to work.