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Asian Sex Competition Sex Story

I was training as a cheerleader for a couple of weeks in order to support my favorite team. During the game, I am pretty sure that I did my absolute best to encourage them to play better, and I think I did since the team won.

The main reason why I care about the team so much is because I have a major crush on one of the players. I have such a big crush on him that I stalked him for a little bit and I checked out his VR porn history in order to find out what he is into.

After the game, all of the players decided to celebrate, and naturally, I decided to get completely wasted with the guy I have a crush on. It was supposed to be one of the best nights of my life, as the two of us went to his private room. As I pushed him on the bed and approached his big cock, I noticed that he immediately passed out.

I don’t know if it was from the drinking or maybe he was exhausted, but since I waited for this moment for quite a while now, I decided to wait for him to wake up. Since it was quite a while for him to wake up, I remembered some VR sex videos that I saw in his history, and that made me very horny.

Because I had nothing else to do, I started to masturbate while being on top of him, and during my solo masturbation, he finally woke up. I played with myself a little bit more before telling him what happened. After that, I lifted my shirt and showed him my big natural tits.

Since he was really into my hot cheerleader body, he got completely awake quite fast, and he wanted to see my love tunnels up close, and I let him finger my pussy for a little while before I decided to take control of the lovemaking session that was about to happen.

As soon as my pussy began to ooze with juices, it was my turn to return the favor by putting his completely erect cock into my mouth. I started off quite slowly, but since I was waiting for this for a really long time, it didn’t take too long for me to unleash my inner sluttiness as I began to deepthroat his boner.

Once his shaft was completely covered in my saliva, I hoped onto his dick and I started to ride him in the cowgirl position. Because my pussy was extremely wet, and so was his cock, the penetration was nice and easy. His long donger could enter me completely, allowing me to feel incredible.

Because I watched his VR porn history, I knew he loves when the girl licks off the juices from his cock between changing positions, so I decided to do it too before I rode him in the reverse cowgirl for just a little bit.

After a round of reverse cowgirl, I went to the regular cowgirl again, but this time instead of bouncing on his rod, I stood in place and let him thrust as hard and as deep as he could. This felt absolutely incredible, and it made me cum quite fast.

As his reward, I decided to return the favor and I made him cum by stroking his big dick until he came into my mouth.