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Bring your favorite pornstar directly into your bedroom Added: 2018-11-09 04:12:36 While the 80s and 90s spawned quite a lot of movies that showed some really interesting features that the future will bring, that future today is not exactly like that, but augmented reality is one of the features that even those movies couldn’t predict. What makes augmented reality so amazing, is that unlike its predecessor virtual reality, at least in the technological aspect, you do not go into a different world, but instead, you bring the different world directly into yours. A few years back when the augmented reality re-appeared on the market, even if it was quite an attraction, the amount of people who could afford the gear was not that high in numbers as it could cost up to a few thousand dollars. Because of that, the porn indu... Read More
The Porn Dude Added: 2018-10-17 04:19:54 What makes VR porn so fuckin' awesome? Well, it’s a whole new experience which adds to the thrill, very realistic because you actually feel like you are in the middle of all the action and because it enhances privacy. Although it’s true to say that this particular genre has few varieties compared to 2D porn, virtualrealitybang.com has outdone itself by availing a total of over 30 categories all in HD quality. Some of them include; ebony, anal, big tits, brunette among others.For starters, don’t you fret in case you are not accustomed to VR accessories because we have provided guidelines to walk you through the process. It’s all about having fun and exploring sexual fantasies. Speaking of which, you might want to check out Theporndude.com an a... Read More
Why You Should Give VR Porn A Second Chance Added: 2018-10-08 05:50:21 There are all kinds of humans living on this planet, and one thing can be said for all of us, and that is the fact that we love to watch porn. Even the most sophisticated figures and role models openly admit that they do watch porn from time, and today, you can take that experience to a new dimension. While regular porn videos have been around for quite a while, virtual reality has only been with us for a couple of years, at least the version that we know today. However, even if the VR porn today is quite similar to the videos that were available a few years ago, there have been significant improvements to almost every aspect revolving around VR production. One of the most significant advancements is the arrival of the beautiful 4K resol... Read More
Why Is VR Porn Suddenly So Popular? Added: 2018-10-01 06:31:45 If you would ask people about VR porn a couple of years ago, you would usually receive negative feedback. Whether about how expensive it is, or how there is no content to experience, or just how bad it looks. Well, today, the VR porn industry is blowing up, and that is because many things have changed for the better. While it is quite obvious that elements such as Google Cardboard and the appearance of 4K helped the VR porn industry more than anything else, there is another very important element that made a big impact. Once VR porn came out, many pornstars were quite skeptical if they should take a part in VR porn videos as shooting them was a bit more complicated, and because there was no need for it, there was no interest in creating ... Read More
VR Will Change How You Watch Porn Added: 2018-09-24 06:02:19 You have probably heard about VR porn at least once during your browsing sessions through some adult sites, and if you happened to give it a try a few years back, you should definitely give it another go because it has improved more than you can possibly imagine. For starters, with the initial release of VR porn videos, there was no 4K resolution, and the majority of VR videos was in the 180 degree format. Today, once you submerge into a virtual reality porn video, you will have the sensation that you are truly in that environment as you can turn 360 degrees and not run into any empty areas. Besides that, there are many different scenarios that you can enjoy, and a lot of different pornstars have decided to start in a VR video, which mak... Read More
Unfortunate Limitations of VR Porn Added: 2018-09-17 09:07:44 There are many areas where VR porn truly beats regular porn videos when it comes to entertainment, however, there are a couple of limitations that are still holding it back. One of the first things that probably boggled the minds of many is the positions which can be experienced while watching a video in VR. While the videos can technically be shot in all kinds of positions, it will not looks or feel as nearly as good as if you would watch it in a regular porn video with a POV shot only.Another thing regarding the positions is the fact that in order to feel like you are truly in VR, fucking your favorite pornstar, you will often have to get into the same position as you are in the video. Doggystyle and missionary are probably the easiest positions to... Read More
Virtual Reality Porn Industry Added: 2018-08-17 07:57:10 Keeping it Virtual Since 2013Allow me to introduce myself. Paul’s the name and VR porn is my game. Actually, it’s much more than just a game for me, it’s my bread and butter on VRPornSites.xxx – and my sweet treat, too. I’m sort of a digital concierge for all things related to virtual reality. I’ve been at this for over 4 years now, ever since the Oculus DK1 was released back in early 2013. I remember how much I was blown out of the water back then.Not only were the images in pretty convincing 3D VR, but they changed as I moved my head around. Suffice it to say that, ever since, despite the constant chirping of the naysayers, VR tech has only gotten better. What’s more, it’s all been thanks to virtual porn on great sites like Virtual ... Read More
Hot Redheads In The VR Industry Added: 2018-08-17 07:54:28 All of us prefer to see a babe with a certain hair color, and that is why today, we are going to feature some of the hotties that have that sexy red hair.Anna SwixShe’s one of the newest acquisitions of the porn industry, however despite this, that young slut easily keeps pace with her more experienced porn colleagues. Her signature bright red hair and epic blowjob skills have earned her a title of one of the sexiest Russian pornstars in VR porn of all time.Her cooperation skills are well visible in the VR Group Sex With Models video in which she’s fucking with few other Virtual Reality porn whores. This typical case of a POV gangbang action contains the best examples of a perfectly played group-sex performing, when all these whores are sharing o... Read More
June VR Summary Added: 2018-08-17 07:50:52 We had some really amazing VR sex experiences released in June, and we are going to give you a short summary through this blog post. 180 porn fetish As you wake up, you will find yourself in a cage, completely naked. Before you even get to take a look around, a hot blonde babe is going to approach you and she will request that you leave the cage. After that, you will be asked to demonstrate all of your sexual skills in order to earn your freedom. Virtual Reality Sex with August Ames If you never really had luck picking up hot babes at the bar, in this VR scenario you are definitely going to get the jackpot. While you are relaxing by the bar counter, August Ames is going to arrive in her hot red dress. After she has a quick chat with the bartende... Read More
Pornstar Highlight: Karol Lilien Added: 2018-08-17 07:45:20 If you are looking for your VR babe who will be able to tease you in multiple ways, then Karol Lilien is surely going to be perfect for your tastes. She is a hot blonde angel with a truly sensational body, and once she actually starts using it in front of the camera, she becomes even hotter and more wanted. Karol is a very open minded babe, she likes to have fun with both guys and girls, even in front of the camera, and she enjoys wearing lingerie that makes her even sexier. Her favorite thing to do is to make a guy crave for her body while she is teasing him. In this blog, we are going to feature two videos that will give you a good idea about this hot angel, and once you check them out, you will definitely get hooked to Karol Lilien so make sure yo... Read More
Pornstar Highlight: Katy Rose Added: 2018-08-17 07:42:31 Katy Rose is a playful sex bomb who became a pornstar in 2014. Once you experience a one-on-one session with this tiny devil, you will never need another babe. Even though she has not been an adult actress for a long time, this flirty girl knows just how to win our hearts and cocks with loads of kinky hardcore videos of her juicy buns! With her petite build, small cupcakes and a shaved pussy, Katy Rose is the perfect girl for every innocent role she can get! In this blog, we are going to feature a couple of VR sex videos where you will get to experience amazing VR sessions with this angel.Katy Rose Tempts With Her Ass In VR PornIf you enjoy getting teased then this VR experience is definitely going to become one of your favorites. The scenario starts... Read More
Can VR improve your confidence in bed? Added: 2018-08-17 07:38:51 There are a lot of topics that VR can cover, and today we are going to cover a rather interesting one that has been around ever since the first VR porn experience. The question that came around that time was “Can VR porn improve your confidence during sex?”, and the answer might or might not surprise you, depending on your experience. If you have tried VR porn, you must have noticed that the answer to this question is a big fat yes, and if haven’t yet, then here we are going to explain why that is so.Regular porn vs VRThe debate to this starts off with regular porn. We have been used to watching regular 2D porn videos for a long time now, and how could we not, there are just so many girls in them that we can watch and fantasize about later. How... Read More