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Another batch of must VR sex games you have to try out

Quite a while ago, we mentioned some of the top VR porn games that you must try out if that is your cup of tea, and now we are here to revisit the topic. In today’s blog, you will be able to discover some new VR sex games, but you will also be able to read something about the fan favorite that everyone enjoys.

VRClubz-1.0.2-Win64 – Beta – FREE

This game is a fascinating idea of combining the real videos with gaming mechanics, which means that you will be able to interact with the environment to a certain degree. If you are wondering what kind of environment, well, what are the best clubs to visit in virtual reality? That is correct, strip clubs.

Here you will be able to enter a strip club, just like in real life, and you will be able to take a seat wherever you want, you can enjoy a couple of drinks, and of course, you can enjoy the show that the hot strippers are performing just for you. Naturally, if you enjoy their performance, you will be able to leave them tips too by throwing cash at them.

About the girls that perform, you should know that these babes are not some animated random girls, instead, they are real pornstars that you will be able to find in many real porn videos, including VR ones, which makes this experience that much better.

To download the game and check it out yourself, go HERE.

Waifu Sex Simulator 2.1

Previously we mentioned Waifu Sex Simulator, and everyone seemed to love this game. Then again how can they not? If you have not heard about this masterpiece, we will walk you through as quickly as possible. If you ever happened to have a favorite anime, video game or any fictional animated character that you would really like to see naked, in the same room with you, well you should know that you are able to do all of that with Waifu Simulator.

In this new updated version, there are a ton of changes. The models behave better, there are fewer bugs, and of course, there are a lot more character models that you can download and enjoy having VR sex with. For all of you fans who love overwatch and its sexy female character roster, you are now able to enjoy some HD models of Phara, Tracer, D. Va, Widowmaker and the rest of the crew.

Besides the Overwatch characters, there are also new Dead Or Alive (DOA) models that you will be able to place in various positions and various outfits too. Overall, this game is amazing, and you must check it out. In order to read up a complete guide how to setup this baby, check out this amazing post HERE.

Honorable mentions (possible future topics)

Since we can not really cover everything, we are going to list a couple of VR sex games that you might want to read about because if you are a VR porn gamer, you must check them out.

La Douche SinVR Pornflix and Chill