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Anal Sex Poker With Teen Intern Sex Story

While working as the secretary for a CEO of the most successful VR sex company, we became quite friendly with each other, and our relationship evolved way beyond a professional co-worker relationship. One day, my boss invited me over to his house so we can play some poker with each other. Since I am quite good at poker, I accepted the invitation, and as I arrived at his house, we played a couple of rounds, and our skills were kind of equal. While we were playing, the VR company CEO decided to give me a little gift for being a good friend and a hard worker. When I opened up the little bag that he gave me the present in, I discovered that his gift was actually a buttplug. At that moment, I realized his true intentions, and that is when I started to strip off my clothes for him. I first took off my top part, revealing my big tits, and then I proceeded to take the rest of my clothes off. Once I got completely naked, I told him that I will be right back and that he should take off his clothes as well and lay down on the floor like that. When I came back, I saw that he was laying naked on the floor, just like I asked him to. I threw the blue bag towards his chest, and as he grabbed it with his hands, he was wondering why is it empty.

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