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Anal Sex Bunny Strikes Again Sex Story

My boyfriend and I have a really strange tradition where every two months, I dress up in a sexy costume and play one of his game he set up for me before we fuck passionately. This time, things got even better because we just purchased a VR camera, and that is what we planned to use to make our first VR sex video.

The theme we are using for our roleplaying tradition this time is an easter theme, I purchased myself a cute bunny costume which involves some white stockings, pink bunny ears, and a sexy pink top that matches the ears perfectly. The game my boyfriend prepared me this year was an egg hunt, and I started collecting eggs in our guest room. While doing so, I decided to do some sexy poses for the camera, just to keep things interesting.

When I found all of the eggs in the guest room, I decided to check out the living room which contained the rest of the eggs my boyfriend had hidden. After finding the remaining eggs, I came to tell him that, but as I approached him, I noticed that there is one big egg under his arm. As I took the egg, it felt like it had something within it, so I decided to open it. Once the chocolate egg was open, I discovered that it contained a buttplug which was also a bunny tail. This toy went perfectly with the rest of my costume, and I had no idea that my boyfriend is going to give me this fantastic present.

After I put the buttplug into my tight asshole, I decided to tease my boyfriend for the beginning of our first VR porn video. I did a lot of sexy poses, and once I noticed that he is completely erect, I unzipped his pants, and then I went down on my knees in order to give him one of the best blowjobs ever.

When I was finally done drenching up his majestic pecker with my saliva, I teased him a little bit more by rubbing my tail on his boner, and after I took out the tail, I started to impale my spread asshole on his big pole. I rode him in the reverse cowgirl position for quite a while, and as I was doing that, I enjoyed licking the part of the toy that was deep inside my asshole.

After a while, my asshole could not hold his big cock inside of me, so I told him to lay down on the carpet where I can easily ride him in the regular cowgirl position. However, when I rode him this time, my wet pussy was taking the pounding, and it felt absolutely incredible. It did not too long for him to make me cum, and after I did, he was quite close to finishing as well.

I decided to finish my boyfriend with another blowjob, and when he was about to cum I wrapped my lips around his cock, letting his semen go nicely down my throat.