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Anal Sex After Shower Sex Story

I just got back from work, it was a really hard day at the VR company. Because I felt very dirty, I decided to take a shower before doing anything else around the house. When I returned from the shower, I saw my stepbrother going through my diary. I was extremely mad at him, all of my private thoughts are written in there, as well as things about the VR sex company.

As I took the diary out of my stepbrother’s hands, I noticed that he was reading about the part where I have written that I would like him to fuck my tight asshole. No wonder that was mostly shocked instead of being worried when I caught him in the deed. Well, since he saw what I wrote, I might as well make it happen. I noticed that he got a hardon, which was a good sign for what was about to happen. I pulled down his pants, and I immediately started to suck on his raging boner. Just as I imagined, his cock tasted amazing. I climbed on top of him to give him a kiss, and since I was only wearing a towel, I pretended to drop it as an accident.

When he saw my naked body, I could feel his boner pulsate as it was hitting my pussy. I kissed him a little bit more because suddenly he got affraid. After that, I leaned back a bit so he can have a nice view of my pink pussy. As I told him to finger it, he immediately started drilling me instead of going slow which was quite unexpected, but it felt magnificent.

He continued fingering me until my cunt was completely drenched. Upon completing the preparation, I gave his cock a couple of more licks before I got on top of him again. However, now that I was on top of him again, I did not kiss him but instead, I took his hard pecker and I inserted it into my pussy. When I felt his cock piercing my love tunnel, I felt like I was in heaven. I wanted to try him out in all of the positions, but I only drilled my pussy in the standard and reverse cowgirl.

Even if the pussy pounding my stepbrother was providing me felt incredible, I still wanted to try what I have written in the diary, and that is why I made him stretch my tight asshole with his bare hands. When my asshole was stretched nice and wide, I stick his big schlong up my backdoor in the reverse cowgirl position. As I was riding him, I have never even imagined that it would feel so good, it was just the thing I needed after a long work day at the VR porn company.

Because the reverse cowgirl was not an ideal position for hardcore pounding, I went back into the standard cowgirl. As I bounced up and down while his dick was inside my asshole, I also played with my love button until I had an epic orgasm. Since I didn’t want to be the only one that came, I got down on my knees again so I can suck and stroke his boner until his load fills my mouth.