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VR Porn – Afternoon Delight

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When your girlfriend Zaya Cassidy returns home from work, she is going to be in quite a happy mood. In order to share the happiness with you, she decided to do something that you enjoy the most, and that is to provide you with a lovemaking session where you don’t have to do absolutely anything.

Before she takes off her pants, this cute Asian brunette will do a little bit of stripping for you. Once she takes off everything besides her orange panties, she will get down on her knees and she will pull down your pants. Then, she will stick your completely erect cock into her mouth, and she will enjoy playing with the tip while stroking you off with one of her hands. Her blowjob is going to last for quite a while, but that is only because she wants to drench your cock in her saliva as much as possible. When she finally feels that you are ready to plow her tight pussy, she is going to climb on top of you and start bouncing on your raging pecker that will cause her to moan every time it goes deep inside her love tunnel. Because your cock is big and hard, she will not be able to ride you for too long because her pussy would be completely obliterated, and that is why Zaya will quickly once again get down on her knees in front of you where she will stroke your raging pecker while sucking on it from time to time. This amazing lovemaking session where she does all the work will end by Zaya jacking you off quite fast, and when you decide to cum, you will spray your semen all over her face while some of it will go inside her mouth that she kept open just to to taste your juices.

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